Exploratarium is a place to share my experiences with the world around me. Originally, solely a travel blog, I decided to bring together my interests in the world’s arts and culture that can be experienced by anyone anywhere. 

I love lists, and I love to experience what other people think are the most important and beautiful places and works of art. Even if I disagree, it’s fun to compare and contrast taste. I also love to create lists and come up with my own ideas of things to be savored and why. This is a place to record those impressions and hopefully encourage others who are interested in the world and its cultures to try new things or revist favorites once again. 

The categories you will find on this site are places, films, books, poetry, classical music, popular music, video games, comics, and the visual arts. Hopefully, the wide range of topics presented will be as interesting to others out there as they are to myself.  While some are my own discoveries, others come from checking out other lists, noted as appropriate. Also, feel free to check out my own lists, always a work in progress. 



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