Baja: Bahia Concepcion

For two nights we made our home in two yurts on a beach on the large bay, Bahia Concepcion. Our days included nothing much more than relaxing in the sun and kayaking to three small islands in the bay in the transparent water that revealed many small sting rays swimming through. Mountains on the other side of the bay glowed magnificently in the sunrises and sunsets. The first island, which we named fish island, was the best place on the bay for snorkeling. Though the water was chilly and the fish small, it was still a miracle for a first-time snorkeler like myself to follow and wait for the darts of color that weaved in and out of the sea grass. Switching directions, we then headed over to the second island, which we dubbed “bird island.” There was no place to land here, and it had been completely taken over by birds, mostly pelicans who plunged beak-first into the waters all around us. It is a bit unnerving, though amazing, to see birds that huge dive only feet away from where you sit in your kayak. Finally, there was what we dubbed “cold island,” for its freezing waters.  There we found many dead stingrays washed up on the beach for an unknown reason. It was a bit unnerving. Still, we did some brief snorkeling before heading back. It is a beautiful thing to share these places with friends. On one side of me as we kayaked towards the bay was a friend of 24 years, on the other a friend of 12. 


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