Baja: El Rosario to Bancomer

Our second day of driving Baja California south was more wild than the first, dozens of miles go by with nothing but desert, saguaro cacti begin to make their presence known, other strange tall plants rise up from the ground like the tentacles of some underground creature, boulder fields suddenly appear out of nowhere as if the ruins of an ancient city. There are no houses or even shacks. The only other signs of human life we come across are the cars, more often trucks or range rovers, that pass us every now and again. An abandoned gas station adds to the desolate feel. Far off volcanoes seemingly threaten. We just make it to a tiny outpost in the middle of nowhere to fuel up before we start to get nervous. Our drive continues. At the border between the states of Baja California and Baja Sur an army checkpoint waves us through after checking our passports. As dusk falls, we come across trucks stopped on the side of the roads to by motels and cheap restaurants. It feels like the badlands. 


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