August at the Grand Canyon

My second time at the Grand Canyon. On our way to the rim, we are surprised by elk, battling it out in possibly a playful way with each other. I find a very different place than my last trip in January the year before. Now I bask in warmth instead of icy cold. Watching the sunset instead of a winter “sunrise”, the colors change across the expanse of this place throughout our visit to deeper reds and oranges. There are so many more people than when I was here before, but all it takes to get some space is for my friend and I to take one of the paths that descend all 9.5 miles of trails to the bottom. We don’t have the time, advance planning, or the schedule to make it more than a 45 minute walk down, but the change in perspective and in mood with the path frequently occupied only by us makes for an amazing few hours at this gorgeous expanse. From even this little bit into the canyon itself, looking up instead of out and down becomes part of our incredible experience.



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