Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano

There’s something about a volcano cone that is extraordinarily evocative. It’s not just the shape, it’s also the sense of the power of the explosion that created this crater. This particular explosion took place 10,000 years ago, which while young in geological time, is also a manageable trip in time with your imagination to think on the eruption itself. In a special treat, there is a collapsed lava tube here with a unique ecosystem that never gets warmer than  31º F.  The ice lake, replenished with rainwater that freezes, is green with unique species of algae that can grow in such an environment. It’s a surreal and very still atmosphere that feels so alien to the high plains that surround you as you drive to this location. Even the trees here seem twisted and strange. It’s a place where there always seems to be something that grabs your eye every few minutes.



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