Bandelier National Monument


These amazing cliffs are marked by natural cavities as a result of air pockets in ash from ancient volcanic explosions. Between 700 and 450 years ago, some of them–as large as 20 feet in diameter they were used as homes by the Anasazi People. They augmented them, joined them together, enlarged them in making them their dwellings. This place was completely silent the day my friend of mine and I came to marvel at this place and climb the ladders to replicate the experience of climbing to one’s home. The occasional petroglyph gives a silent reminder to once would have been a community full of the sounds of daily life in a lifestyle very far removed from our own. I sat in one of the renovated rooms and watched the light through the circular skylights above the entranceway and tried to imagined the significance of such lights and find a way to at least partially closer to understanding the life that was here so long ago.





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