Taos Pueblo

IMG_0111We had driven nearly all night to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Despite it’s friendliness, my friend and I found it a bit too geared towards tourists looking to gallery hop. Instead of spending more time there, we drove north to Taos, where Taos Pueblo has remained pretty much in the same state for hundreds of years. Today, about 150 members of the Tiwa tribe have residences here that are used at least part of the year. The windows and the doors are more modern additions, but the pueblo is still without indoor plumbing and electricity.The ruins of a 17th century church are the only visible scars of the tumultuous history this pueblo, like all, have had. In this case it was destroyed twice, once in a war against the Spanish conquerors, the other in the U.S. war with Mexico in 1847. To protect the privacy of the residents and insure respect is given, you can only visit Taos Pueblo on a tour, which was incredibly well-worth it given the beauty and history of the place.


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