Greater Los Angeles

img_1010Though Los Angeles is often a maze of similar-looking streets and strip-malls, highways, and palm trees, it’s amazing how much diversity you can see in a day without much effort. On one beautiful August afternoon, we drove about an hour from where we were staying by suburban Huntington Beach into Tuna Canyon, a wild looking meandering road with trails branching out, northwest of Malibu. Going for a walk amidst the brambles and bushes, dry foliage, and tunnels of green foliage seemed like we had journeyed far beyond the relatively short drive it had taken to arrive there.

In just another twenty or thirty minutes we were body surfing the beautiful waves at a beach in Malibu before heading slowly South to the boardwalk at Santa Monica and the opulent canals at Venice.  Under a suddenly cloudy skies, the strange (to my eyes) trees seemed to come from another reality. The next day, we spent an hour or so wandering the beautiful and opulent canals at Venice, imagining we could live in one of these homes in what seems a paradisiacal setting. An amazing sunset down at the nearby beach brought home how much nature and interesting uses of nature can be found in this place known for its concrete.

img_0996   img_0999 img_1000   img_1009 img_1010 img_1011 img_1012 img_1014 img_1015 img_1016 img_1018   img_1021 img_1022 img_1028  img_1031 img_1045 img_1048 img_1053img_1062


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