Charleston SC–Graveyards and Spanish Moss

116_1700I was in Charleston, South Carolina for only a couple days in spring. The city was easy to walk around in this weather, and I did a lot of strolling through in the beguiling breeze. The downtown area is filled with beautiful colonial, Georgian, Italianate, and antebellum architecture that is stunning. However, my impressions at the time was that if felt very staid, a bit like a grander Georgetown in Washington, DC.  Beautiful as it was, it did feel a bit too preserved and well-heeled as to lose some its soul.  I was more attracted to the side streets where where Spanish moss hung down in spooky bunches. The effect at night, walking through historic, quiet streets with moss tumbling down from the branches was both a bit creepy and romantic. I promised myself I would come back in the day to this area and walk through the graveyards and churches themselves. In the end, that was the Charlestown I enjoyed the most.

116_1682 116_1680 116_1665


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